Jargeous is always striving to provide the absolute best for our beloved customers.

At Jargeous, we pride ourselves for being the one-stop shop for everything jar related and we take that proclamation seriously. Therefore, apart from supplying high-quality jars and containers, we also have great, efficient and reliable services. Our services range from creating custom label designs to silkscreen printing and label printing.

Label Printing

✔ Transparent & Non-transparent label
✔ Custom shape and size
✔ Minimum order 100pcs
✔ Full color
✔ Waterproof (especially for glass & plastic jar)
✔ Lead time: 3-5 working days

label printing on bottle
silkscreen printing on bottle

Silkscreen Printing

✔ Single color
✔ Minimum order 300pcs
✔ Waterproof
✔ Scratch-resistance
✔ Lead time: 1-2 weeks

These services allow our customers to have a complete and full experience, with added ease and convenience. We strongly believe in providing our customers with all the tools necessary to succeed. Everything you need is under one website; just one-stop.

Need help with the label design?

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