Silkscreen bottle printing in Malaysia

Jargeous aims to assist small and medium-sized businesses to exert their potential in growth with impactful branding from our printing on bottles and caps.

Branding is especially important as it makes a memorable impression to your consumers. With our bottles, not only could your brand stood out better among competitors but the image you portray to the public would also be seemingly more competent.

Printing type: Silkscreen
Background: Non-background
Bottle type suitable for printing: – Glass
– PET plastic
Cap type suitable for printing: – Glass
– Plastic
– Metal
– Aluminum
Finishing: – Waterproof
– Heat resistant
– Scratch resistant coating
Size: Custom size
Color: Singe color
Lead-time: 1-2 weeks
(Same price for printing on bottle and cap. If the design is same for both areas, we only charge 1 time for the block.)
> 300pcs – RM1.10/each
> 500pcs – RM0.90/each
> 1,000pcs – RM0.80/each
> 5,000pcs – RM0.65/each
Block – RM150
Discount: 15% discount if jars order from Jargeous

Send us inquiry at [email protected] or call our support at 03-9107 3339 if you need more information. 

The new customers and value it generates thru small actions like this are crucial as it differentiates you from the rest. With our resources, the costs are also kept at a bare minimum as to not break the bank. With not just industries involving Beauty and Personal Care, Health care & Pharmacies, Food & Beverages, Household & Industrial, your business could also make good use of Jargeous’s Printed Bottles.