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If you constantly use glass jars/bottles as a container for your merchandise or home made products such as smoothies, candles, cookies, honey you can definitely reap benefits from being our reseller! Running huge events for companies and considering our products as door gifts (good choice by the way!) for a majority of your events? Or do you just want to be a reseller of high quality, high in demand products? Look no further and be one of our Reseller Friend today! It’s easy, we promise!

Reseller Package

Join our reseller if YOU ARE :

– Aspire to be an agent of high quality and high in-demand products
– Running your own business that constantly requires high quality glass jars/bottles
– Having your own DIY business of creative lamps, terrariums, candles etc that requires glass jars/bottles as a fundamental item

RM 2,000 Minimum Top up
additional 2% discount (eligible for ALL items)
FREE 5 samples
buy sample in wholesales price
pre-order benefits (30 - 40 days)
1 year membership
2,000 credits to your account
RM 5,000 Minimum Top up
additional 4% discount (eligible for ALL items)
FREE 10 samples
buy sample in wholesales price
pre-order benefits (30 - 40 days)
1 year membership
5,000 credits to your account

Terms & Conditions

-All samples are subject to stock availability
-Only can use credit to make purchase to enjoy reseller discount, minimum next reload is RM 500


  1. Submit the application form below with all the details, 1-2 working days is required for the approval.
  2. Our support team will contact you regarding your status and credits TOP UP.
  3. We will add the credits into your user account, you will then be able to use the credits for purchase.

Everyone can join our Jargeous Reseller programme. This programme is specially designed for those who plan to resell Jargeous’ high quality products or anyone who constantly need jars for their business and DIY.

Contact us via email [email protected] or whatsapp 016-6150526.
The reseller discount is eligible for ALL items in Jargeous store.


Feel free to contact our friendly support if you need assistance. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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*Jargeous reserved the rights to approve or reject any application