Emoji Creative Sticker


3 sets of DIY cute emoji with total of 54 types of Eye, Nose and Mouth black colour emoticons sticker. Make-up Face Expression Stickers can be placed on jars, caps, smartphone, book cover, gift decoration etc. It is made of PVC waterproof materials.

Packing included

  • 1x [18 types of eyes]
  • 1x [18 types of noses]
  • 1x [18 types of mouths]

Tips: Be creative The Nose emoticon is not necessary to apply on Nose section, see our sample photo at the gallery on the left for inspiration. You can also mix your left and right eyes to create more emoji on your creativity.

  • Colour Black
  • Size 13.5 X 17.5cm
  • Material PVC
  • Quality Waterproof

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