10 Litre Brinjal Pickled Glass Jar


With a 10L pickled glass jar, you can do just about anything! The possibilities are endless when you have a glass jar that is this large and wide. This is the perfect container to preserve your pickled food items, to store large quantities of soup, to create infused water or even for caffeine fanatics: to try your hand at making cold brew coffee. With the screw-on cap, this jar becomes airtight and leak-proof thus making it optimal for storage.

  • Closure Plastic screw cap
  • Material PE plastic cap, PP plastic, Soda-lime Glass
  • Shape Straight sided with round base
  • Temperature up to 90 degree celcius
  • Quality BPA free, Eco-friendly, Food grade
  • Air tight Yes
  • Leak proof Yes
  • Cap type Plastic
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