How to buy


Order online

Step 1: Browse & select category from the menu
Step 2: Choose the item you want to buy
Step 3: Select “carton” or “piece”, then choose cap colours to view the price.
Step 4: Click “add to cart”
Step 5: Click “view cart”
Step 6: Check your items and click “proceed to checkout”
Step 7: In the order summary, choose your preferred payment method
Highlight: Make sure your shipping address filled up accurately
Step 8: Check the t&c and click “proceed”
Once payment successful, you will receive an “order confirmation” email from us.
You are done!

How to buy

Using Whatsapp

Order by Whatsapp

Step 1: Add Jargeous customer support hotline 016-615 0526 to your contact list and start the conversation
Step 2: Send us your order request with “items name” and quantity.
Step 3: Follow by your details: name, phone no., email and shipping address.

Our customer support will reply with your order summary together with our bank in details.

Step 4: Send us the slip/proof after payment made.

You are done!