Jargeous is a one stop glass jars packaging solution to your jars business. We are one of the main distributor of glass made jars to pharmaceutical, food & beverage and household goods industry in Malaysia. In jarsinmalaysia.com, you can shop over 100 and more types of glass jars, glass bottles, plastic jars at retail and wholesale prices. Shopping with us is a joy as we ship to nationwide and Singapore. We have a fast and safe delivery service partner that will ensure your items will get to you safely and efficiently.

Glass jars packaging Glass jars packaging Glass jars packaging

What do we offer:

We do not just sell jars online, we provide solutions to all problems related to jars.

  1. Caps and closure: Come to us if you are in need of a good cap for your jar. We provide single caps sans jars for those who require purchase of caps only.
  2. Printing: Finding a good printing partner that can help customize the packaging of jars? We provide good quality printing service in forms of stickers or direct jar printing.
  3. Protective Packaging: We also provide Bubble wraps, Shrink wraps, Stretch wraps and Custom-made Boxes to ensure your products have good packaging and reach your customers in good condition.

Industries we served:

  • Honey company
  • Juice & jam company
  • Hotels & resorts
  • Cafe & restaurant
  • Handmade soap & candle company
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Wedding company
  • Florist
  • and more…


Need help on your products packaging or door gift? Contact us now: [email protected]