Glass jars is now a trend to be a gift to your guests and customers due to its premium looks, flexible to add your own brand or message, and it is low cost.

Glass jars are now a highly popular trend to be gifted to your guests or customers due to its premium looks and highly customizable appearance. Add a personal touch to give a feeling of warmth to your customers or guests by adding your own brand visual art or message. It is also a cost efficient gift!

Gift’s Types:

  • Door gift for the wedding, baby shower, and events:
    A mini glass jar with assorted chocolates or a cute glass bottle with a simple thank you message is all that it takes to portray your feelings of gratitude.
  • Corporate gift:
    Capture the hearts of your customers using our glass jars as part of your corporate gifts. A premium glass jar with homemade recipes of baking mix added as a gift when your customer buy 2 sets of your kitchenware is a wonderful marketing idea. Gifts that give off a “homemade vibe” sends a message of love and warmth across to customers. A classy glass jar with your company logo printed can also increase your brand image as well as your customer loyalty.
  • Guest gift:
    Have no idea on how to impress your guests when they visit your house during festive seasons? Glass jars should be your first choice. A greeting message or cookies in a 200ml glass jar not only guarantees crispy cookies but will also definitely “wow” your guests!