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Reduce Wastage & Use It For Other Purposes

When we receive products from our manufacturers, minute defects on a small amount of jars are expected due to the immense mass production of jars on a daily basis. Examples of minute defects are small bubbles, slight shape distortion of jars, minor scratches etc. Our jars are still usable, that is GUARANTEED.

Common type of defect

Bubble on the jar

Due to manufacturing errors, minor bubble may be present superficially. This affects the jar aesthetically but not functionally

Bubble on the jar

Shape distortion

May cause unaesthetic appearance and caps to not be able to close tightly. Can still be used for storage of items that are not moisture sensitive.

Shape distortion

Small surface scratches

May happen during manufacturing or transporting stages. Affects the jars aesthetically. Functionality of the jars are not affected.

Defected but still 100% usable GUARANTEED.

We strive to ensure all the jars sent to our customers are of high quality. Our team of experts filter out defected jars and isolate these jars from our usual high quality jars. However, the defected jars that are kept aside are still 100% usable and it is considered a waste to just throw them away!

Example : Some caps cannot be closed tightly, henceforth we cannot sell them to customers who are promised of an airtight storage. However, this jar can certainly still be used for DIY projects, as a pen holder or vase! Why waste?